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Hi and welcome to the Backpacking Bear Travel Blog! My name is Joe Louis and I am your furry, photogenic travel blogger. Unlike ordinary bears, I have a strong passion for traveling. I am currently backpacking around the world and am excited to share my adventures and experiences with you. My goal is to inspire as many people (and bears) as I can to join in the spirit of wanderlust and go globetrotting! For those of you who just can’t find a way to start a journey, I will bring the adventure to you.

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My story begins not too long ago. I was a well dressed diligent salaryman working behind a computer desk that filled a small cubicle within a large office. I liked my job and I excelled at it, but the peripatetic lifestyle that accompanied it was becoming unbearable (hehe). I was in the office all week, leaving barely (there I go again!) any time for a personal life. So I finally worked up enough courage to quit. That was a tough call to make, but I looked ahead for the best.

Before starting a new job, I saw an opportunity to travel a bit. Beforehand, I rarely had enough free time available for an international adventure. So I packed up a bag and flew to Asia with my passport in one paw and my bucket list in another. But what was intended as a few month hiatus began to stretch into a larger adventure. One country led into another into another. As I met other backpackers, saw foreign cultures, and visited interesting locations, there was just always more to do and see. And so I went from quitting my day job because it involved too much travel, to becoming the backpacking bear. Life works out in unpredictable ways.

Please enjoy my photo galleries and travel advice articles to share firsthand the exotic locations and captivating activities that I’m experiencing! I have organized the photos by country with more still yet to be posted! Make sure to click on the pictures and articles you like and share the post with your friends!

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