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Hi again! Despite being a busy bear, I like to take time to respond to family, friends, and fans who send me mail. Please use the contact form below to send me a question or comment and I will try to get back to you soon!

What kind of bear are you?
Rupert (Nutwood, England)


Are you a sports fan? What teams do you follow?
Michelle (Illinois, USA)

I am a big follower of American football and I root for the da Chicago Bears of course!

What made you want to travel?
Ariel (New Jersey, USA)

Wanderlust.  It’s a term that seems to be used more and more frequently every day. I read about it in social media posts by friends and celebrities. I see it engraved on the necklaces of people walking in the street. I overhear it discussed by new acquaintances at bars. Everyone is asking, “Where are you traveling to next?”

The condition of being consumed with the desire to travel. The word “wanderlust” is actually a German word and it doesn’t quite seem like a natural trait of Americans. We tend to prioritize professional success in life, from the time prepping for college to school itself and beyond. Get a job. Make money. Move up the ranks. Do this quickly and you are leading a successful life.

This is not a bad plan. But it can prevent other life goals. I would recommend that you create a bucket list. It’s a worthwhile exercise even just to get a good sense of your goals, interests, and dreams. When the time came for me to make a job change, I took a pause before rushing to the next step. I looked at my notebook and realized there was a special opportunity available to cross off many items that could only be achieved with dedicated time and in some cases, geographic relocation. So I decided to take advantage of the situation and backpack.

There are many good reasons not to travel: family, health problems, cash flow (although not too much is needed), commitment to long term professional or education programs. But if you find yourself in a position where you can go away for a year, DO IT.

Are there any questions you dislike being asked?
Rico (San Francisco, USA)

What is your favorite country?

Is the website up-to-date with your latest adventures?
George (Arizona, USA)

Unfortunately, I haven’t had time to post the latest stories and pictures, but they are coming soon! Please bear with me as I work to keep the site updated with the latest reports from exciting and interesting locales. Just think of it as more to look forward to!

Você quer me visitar no Brasil?
Daniella (Brasilia, Brazil)

Sure! I love to meet up again with friends made through with traveling. You would be a better host than any hired tour guide. Vamos!



Why the large pause?
I was born with them.


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